About CK

So who is Cassie? 

At the risk of dissapointing some, my name is not Cassie, it's actually Melanie. The reason why I've chosen Cassie? Because it's short for Cassiopeia, the name of a star constellation in the great sky above. I love the name. That's all.

Why this blog? 

 I'm a foodie. Before the vegetarian part was added to this blog, I was actually blogging about food - the meat containing kind. This site initially started as a community in 2003 that I managed through PHPNuke. One nasty worm later, once the site was really starting to pick up, my site got squashed, and my recipes vanished from the web. For a while, I was discouraged by this. I had backed up my files but just couldn't get the site back to its original form, I set it aside for a few months.

I then discovered blogger and decided, why the hell not, and 4 years later, this is what I have to offer.

The vegetarian part was in the making for a while. I've always been interested in a plant based diet. I loved seafood and fish but couldn't find anything that tasted good any more. After a rather grim diagnosis from my doctor - elevated cholesterol, overweight and allergies getting worse - I made the jump. As I write this, I'm going on 2 years of being meat free. 

Did I lose weight? Maybe just enough to get me under the overweight mark when looking at the BMI scale. Is my cholesterol better? Yes. Do I feel better? Absolutely, yes.

I have to apologize for those that are vegetarian or vegan for ethical causes. I'm not one of those. Love it or hate it, I am what I am.

Well, hope I satiated your curiosity about me.

One last thing: how often do I update this site?

You can expect at least one blog post per month from me. Sometimes inspiration hits, and I can post several times a week, but don't come to expect it. I do this for fun.

Thanks for reading my site. You have no idea how happy to makes me to read your comments.

Love all of you!

Mel xoxox