Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Recanting on canned beans

Canned beans are a vegetarian's savior but when I found out that pretty much all canned goods are in cans that have bisphenol-a linings (Eden does not have it) - I decided to go back to making my black beans from scratch. It's oodles cheaper than buying canned and if you have a slow cooker, it's not much fuss either.

Black beans can be soaked over night, and then cooked during the day in your slow cooker on simmer. Your beans will be cooked through and ready to freeze for later use. I buy my black beans from Clic and their 2 pound bag gives me roughly 10-12 cups of cooked beans. Not bad, considering it costs a whooping $2,69 for a bag, plus water, some bay leaf, cumin seeds and a sheet of kombu.

With the cooked beans, I make easy peasy black bean burgers. It's really as simple as black beans, salsa and bread crumbs. The full recipe is here. Just use your cooked beans, instead of canned.

This evening, I also made a deliciously simple Cuban black bean soup. You can find the recipe here.