Monday, October 25, 2010

The travelling vegetarian goes to Texas, Florida and then cruises the Caribbean

It's been pretty quiet around here, unusual since September and October are the months where I rekindle my love of cooking and my kitchen. But, this has not been the usual months either. I've been away on business in the state of Texas and then vacation in Florida and cruising the Caribbean .... As a vegetarian!

In this post, I'll cover Texas and later this week, I'll be talking about travelling the seas on a cruise ship as a vegetarian and my review of the excellent Sublime Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale where I got to try for the first time in my life fried green tomatoes.

So... Texas. Where do I begin? I initially though I was going to Dallas, which is a nice urban area, boasting the Spiral Diner as one of the must try vegetarian restaurants. But turns out that I was in Grapevine, a much smaller community near the airport. Now, I wasn't in a position to travel very far, being without a car, and having to cab or walk around. There might be gems in that town but I certainly didn't find them.

I found what I thought was a vegetarian friendly place called Cozymels. Now it does have vegetarian options, but don't risk it, say you are vegan. Apparently vegetarian includes chicken stock. So I accidentally ate chicken stock. Blerch. Every other place, I had to make do with baked potatoes or deep fried stuff. Not very healthy. Oh well, if you are vegetarian and are in the smaller communities, get a hotel with a kitchenette so you can prepare your own food. Thank goodness for Starbucks and their delicious soy lattes.

However, Fort Lauderdale and the Caribbean rocked and I'll tell you all about that over the next week.

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Babette said...

Poor you! I didn't know that in Texas they didn't really understand what vegetarian means. It's also hard to always think about stock when ordering.

I hope you have pictures of your cruise to share!