Thursday, July 01, 2010

Summer BBQ - Vegetarian Style

I love summer. I write this as I am sitting outside by my barbecue. When I made the dietary switch, I had a brief moment of panic when I thought about my grill. Would I have to stop using it? That was a short lived feeling. I fire up my grill at least twice a week, and this is not my first blog post about BBQ'ing vegetables, veggie burgers and ribz. In honor of my addiction to grilling, here's a few of my tried and true tips:

  1. Invest in a good cast iron plaque. I know they sell these flimsy pans with little holes in them for grilling, but a thick cast iron plaque does an amazing job on mushrooms and onions. These two vegetables directly on the grill tend to fall through as soon as they start to char and cook through. The plaque prevents that and seals in the flavors. 
  2. Vegetables deserve marinating and rubbing too. I've watched many BBQ cooking shows where the chef slathers meat with dry rubs and marinades. Although vegetables don't require hours to soak in the flavors, they do take on whatever flavors you want to impart. My current marinade of choice is a mix of powdered cumin, smoked paprika, chipotle chiles, no salt seasoning, salt and pepper mixed with red wine vinegar and olive oil. Dare to try different spice mixes.
  3. Precook potatoes and corn if you don't want to spend an hour on the BBQ to wait for them to cook through.  I microwave corn in its husk for 2 minutes, and cook potatoes for 3 minutes on high. Then brush on olive oil for extra flavor when placing them on the grill then cook until you get nice char marks.
Happy grilling!

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