Sunday, April 25, 2010

Review of Ottawa's Perfection Satisfaction Promise Vegetarian Restaurant

I spend so much time in Ottawa these days that I should consider changing my blog's by-line to "Montreal and Ottawa Vegetarian Adventure"... :)

This restaurant came to me as highly recommended from a fellow vegetarian acquaintance of mine. I absolutely loved the food. This place is in a basement, in the Ottawa University part of town. The owners appear to be Krishnas or some other Hindu sect. I'll keep my atheist rants to myself for now, but I have to say that the food is worth it.

The base of all their dishes is either potato, sweet potato or rice. Then you have a choice of one or more toppings. I took the avacatofu and chili on sweet potato, and my friend took the chickpeas on sweet potato. Both were extremely flavorful and we both left the restaurant with a full belly. The prices are reasonable and the service is quick.

Perfection Satisfaction Promise Vegetarian Restaurant
167 Laurier Avenue East
Ottawa, ON K1N 6N8
(613) 234-7299

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Pearl said...

Sri Chimoy runs it. I've found Peace Garden on Clarence to be better, even tho it's run by the same group. More variety in menu and textures. Airy space.