Saturday, April 10, 2010

Product Review : In Snax Pita Chips

I recently had the chance to review a new Quebec product called In Snax Pita Chips. Here's the bio that was sent to me along with three bags of pita chips:

The young woman behind this Quebec company is Cheria Kyres, the daughter of George Kyres, former President and Founder of Europe’s Best and co-owner of the Montreal chain of supermarkets Les 4 Frères. Aiming to become a national leader in the field of gourmet health and well-being, In Foods is committed to offer natural products, without preservatives, and as low in sodium as possible.

With their first product, the all-natural In Snax pita crisps, In Foods is set to make inroads into the healthy snacks market. Offered in 3 flavours, In Snax pita crisps contain up to 70% less fat than regular chips, are an excellent source of fiber, contain no trans fat, are oven-baked with sunflower oil and are produced in a peanut-free factory.

I brought them to my office to share with my co-workers over lunch. They were an instant hit! So much better than regular chips, and they hold up very well to dip. I can see many possibilities for hors-oeuvres too. Unlike other pita chips, they have a double layer, making them thicker and tastier. They come in three flavors: cinnamon & sugar, lightly salted and multigrain and garden herbs.

They are crunchy, not over salted. Go buy some!

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