Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vegetarian meals for one and this week's BK video: Saffron

My omnivorous beau started a new gig requiring that he be on the road 2 out of every 3 weeks. This is my first week as a loner at the dinner table. I’m used to cooking for 2 everyday, and although I will cook vegetarian meals for both of us, I tend to go a little heavy on dairy and fat to try and please his palate (and pack pounds around my waist).

As soon as he left for the week, I went through the fridge and cleaned out all the leftover meat products and made room for my groceries. I stocked up on two days worth of veggies and two pieces of mock chicken. 

Yesterday, I made myself oatmeal in the morning, and for lunch, I had a tex-mex salad in a bag – yes I’m lazy and work full time folks – and added one piece of the mock chicken.  I then had dinner at university; I’m taking one class per semester to keep the gray matter moving.

At lunch, I had fake franks and chipotle beans. I then went to the market to pick up broccoli, red bell pepper, shitake mushrooms, Portobello mushrooms,  oyster mushrooms, button mushrooms, firm tofu  and udon brown rice noodles to make myself my broccoli and tofu stir-fry.  I’m starting to feel under the weather and there’s nothing like ginger, garlic and mushrooms to ward off any lingering bug. 

And let’s not forget our month long collaboration with the bodacious Nadia G. This week, we are discovering saffron, or maybe not. :)


Shanna said...

Ah, yes. Nothing like a fungus to ward off a virus. ;)

Mel said...

They are full of natural antibiotics :P