Monday, October 05, 2009

Mock chopped liver or vegan mushroom pate

I bought this huge package of sliced mini bella mushrooms with the intent to making Sarah Kramer's Mushroom pate from Vegan-a-GoGo. Unfortunately, I can't find my book and needed to whip up this recipe in less than an hour. I discovered that Everyday Dish had its own version of mushroom pate as mock chopped liver. It doesn't use all the ingredients used in Sarah's recipe but I recall it using ground flax seed and refrigeration to set so I've mashed up Julie Hasson and Sarah's recipe into this:


1.5 pounds sliced baby bella mushrooms
4 portobello mushrooms, washed, sliced
2 sliced small red onions
1 cup chopped walnuts
2 tablespoon olive oil
2 tablespoons ground flax seeds
2 tablespoon braggs
1 tablespoon no salt seasoning
pinch of cayenne
pepper to taste

I cooked down the onions and mushroom in olive oil until there was no moisture left at the bottom of the pan and was completely cooked through. You can use a little bit of stock to help the cooking process in the beginning as the mushrooms can stick before they start releasing their moisture. In the food processor, I pulsed down the walnuts, added in the cooked mushrooms, flax, braggs, no salt seasoning, cayenne and pepper. Pulse until completely pureed. You can serve it immediately or line a baking dish with plastic wrap and let it set for a few hours in the fridge. It freezes well and is delicious on sandwiches, crackers, pita, etc!

Here is Julie's recipe and watch the video below for the how to:

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Kristin said...

Pate always kinda scared me but the mock pate i think I could get into...especially if mushrooms are involved! I'm a little skeptical but I'm definitely going to try this one out!
BK Crew