Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Celebrating one year as a vegetarian and it's World Vegetarian Month too!

It's taken the Twitterverse by storm, October is officially World Vegetarian Month, which is timely because I'm celebrating my first year as a vegetarian. :)

It was a whole lot easier than I thought, with a supportive boyfriend, and understanding friends that really went out of their way to accommodate me. I'm a very lucky lady indeed. I've had my struggles, where I felt unbelievably weak - iron deficiency - but it was quickly corrected with supplementation and dietary changes.

It does require a whole lot more planning on my part and regular grocery stores don't necessary carry everything I like to eat but it's really a lifestyle change. I pretty much ignore half if not more of the store. I do love the health food places though.

I kind lost my taste for tempeh, sorry, I used to love it but now... No thanks. Seitan, delicious and so easy, I wish I had known it before! Tofu, where would I be without you? Beans, lentils, greens, bring it on. :)

If you are on twitter and want to share your vegan recipes just type #veganmofo or vegetarian #vegetarianmofo . You can also search by using those hashtags and find many other Twitterers out there that are like minded.

Incidentally, I'm on Twitter too, you can follow me at Twitter.com/CassiesKitchen

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