Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lilly is looking for a new home - 5 year old black lab mix

I don't normally do this but since I do get quite a bit of Montreal based web traffic on my website, I'm helping a very allergic friend to find a home for Lilly. They've been trying to find a home for her for 5 months now. Can you help?

Lili est une labrador croisée de 5 ans. Elle est super affectueuse, propre, aucune malice. Nous devons la donner car notre bébé est allergique et en plus nous manquons énormément de temps. Nous ne voulons pas l'envoyer n'importe où (chenil, SPCA, famille qui la voudra plus après 2 semaines...), c'est pourquoi nous cherchons depuis 5 mois une nouvelle maison pour elle.

Nous lui cherchons un bon foyer qui saura la ballader chaque jour (ou cour) et en prendra soin autant que nous. Idéal pour un couple sans enfant ou une personne seule puisqu'elle a déjà presque 6 ans et n'a jamais vécu avec de jeunes enfants.

Elle est vaccinée mais pas opérée. C'est vraiment un bon chien. Nous aimerions la revoir quelque fois parce que nous l'aimons beaucoup (style 2-3 fois par an pour voir comment elle va...).
Personnes sérieuses seulement."

If you are interested, please leave a comment in this threat. All comments are moderated so you can leave your contact information and I will delete your reply.

Thank you for helping us find a home for Lilly.


Carrie said...

It is very risky to the dog that she is not spayed. First of all, for her health (pyometria, ovarian or uterin cancer) & secondly because of the production of unwanted litters, or even worse, ending up reproducing & selling puppies for profit. There is already an overpopulation of pets. Please don't take a chance on letting her add to the major problem, get her spayed before re-homing her. If you do not want to pay for the spaying, may I suggest that you contact Animatch which is a registered charitable organization that specilizes in finding the right matches for the dogs that they take in.

Your dog is guaranteed to stay at the centre with someone there 24 hours / day UNTIL they get adopted. They also take care of paying for the spaying and vaccinations. Please call Helen at (450)452-0321 and check out their website at www.Animatch.ca

Good Luck!
(proud new guardian of Cindy - who arrived at Animatch in June.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, will contact you.