Monday, August 17, 2009

Fete Bio-Paysanne - The Organic Fair of the Year

Organic produce, dairy and cattle farmers were all present at the Montreal Fete Eco-Bio Paysanne. Having missed last year's edition, I couldn't tell if it was larger than before, but I can say that it's come a long way from its humble beginnings.

Olympic Organic Dairy producers were present and launched a new organic cream cheese, rennet free and full of probiotics. They've also launched new yogurt flavors, green tea and vanilla, and blueberry and acai berry. All were delicious.

There also was a great private composting/green waste management company present: Compost Montreal , and they offer to pick up your green waste at $5 per week. They give you a small or medium size waste collection bucket to collect your table scraps and other compostables. They then return your compost once broken down and ready to use in your garden. I'm seriously pondering converting our condo building to this initiative since the city of Montreal can't get their act together on green waste management.

The Fromagerie L'Ancetre - my favorite cheese monger that doesn't use rennet and has a strict policy on the origin of their organic dairy sources - presented the most amazing 3 year old cheddar cheese. It was simply divine! I stocked up in rennet free and organic cheddar and parmesan.

Other notable exhibitors:
  • Greenpeace - Still campaigning for the clear labeling of GMO ingredients in our products. I firmly believe this needs to be done. Our government needs to wake up and smell the coffee, we have a RIGHT to know!
  • Me to We -Quoted from their website: "By manufacturing our clothing in Canadian factories that pay adult workers a fair wage, we ensure that parents make enough to care for themselves and their children. By using organic cotton, we ensure that toxic chemicals aren't harming people, animals or the earth we share. And by donating 50 per cent of our profits to Free The Children, we ensure that a better life is created for children and their families in rural and impoverished areas across the globe."
  • Tribu-Terre - Vegetarian restaurant with a mission to be a center of creativity and with part of the proceeds going to preserving ancestral heritage. The new place is set to open on the 09/09/09.
  • Clef des Champs - Organic herbal, teas, herbs and spices producer. I personally use quite a bit of their herbs and seasonings in my cooking. I highly recommend them.
  • Equita - The Equita network brings together consumers and small-scale producers to enjoy quality products at a fair price. Great source for chocolates, coffees, teas, rice and sugar.
  • Quebec Organic Products Directory - Handy directory to find organic producers in the province of Quebec. Features maple products, crop, specialized crops, processed foods, licensed organic retail stores and farms selling organic baskets.
Overall, a great event. I'm sorry I missed most of it but it was my brother's wedding on Saturday so I had a good reason. I'll be there with bells on next year.

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