Tuesday, July 14, 2009

USDA Organic Label Under Fire, New Independant Non-GMO Project Rises

I've been in an editorial mood lately, which breaks away from my traditional recipe posting. I'm still cooking, don't worry about that. I'm thinking of new ways of presenting my content. I've been quite a bit involved in Twitter (follow me) these days and am coming across all these streams of worthwhile information I'd like to share with you. Thanks for reading!


It's a sad state of affairs when you have to pay more to ensure purity of your food supply instead of having disclosure of the presence of GMO in your food. It's a well known fact that almost all sources of non-organic soy are genetically modified. In addition, for years now, the USDA organic certification's integrity is being heavily questioned and rightfully so. The big agri conglomerates want to get in the lucrative organics business but need standards lowered to include many synthetic products to extend shelf life.

Luckily, many non-governmental organic certification agencies have much stricter guidelines on what can and cannot be used in producing organic food. For example, Oregon Tilt, QAI, California Certified Organic Farmers, etc. In addition, a new project was founded as a response to the lack of reliability of the USDA label: The Non-GMO Project.

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