Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just say no to invasive questions

I'm not the first vegetarian to have had this question asked: "Why are you a vegetarian?". I cringe at the very thought of having to talk about my diet with acquaintances and strangers, because I know, almost unavoidably, I will be asked "why?". I avoid mentioning my dietary choices now because I simply don't want to thread down the road.

Too many times, I've explained why I chose in October of last year to give up meat. Some have interrogated to the point of being invasive, seemingly wanting to break my spirit.

It happened again recently, after a person with significant authority was asking me why and was persistent at each and every question. For some reason, I didn't feel I could say: I'm not comfortable discussing this with you. And then, in explaining and justifying, the line was crossed, yet again.

After this incident, I decided I wouldn't explain myself anymore. It's ok, I don't have to.

It's like politics and religion. It's a personal choice, one that shouldn't be explained or justified. If it's problematic for you, too bad!

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