Friday, April 17, 2009

The Vegetarian Experiment: My First Fully Vegan Friday

I've just completed my first full vegan Friday. It wasn't intentional, it sort of happened that I didn't have eggs or dairy today. I feel pretty good. I did have to eat out twice to be able to do this.

Today's menu was:

Quick oats with soy milk + vega banana drink & coffee


Kombucha tea (yum!), raw vegan spring roll and raw vegan veggie maki

Apple, Ginger Soother by the Ginger People

Tempeh burger with a salad
Vegan Carrot Cake and soy-coconut milk latte

Not bad! :)

Maybe this can become a routine!

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Tuco said...

I think the trick with going vegan (leaving out the "eating at restaurants" issue) is stocking your cupboards with stuff like egg replacer and Agarve syrup. When you first open up a vegan cookbook and think "where the hell am I going to get all these ingredients" it's intimidating... and then once you've gotten into the habit of having those ingredients, it's pretty easy.