Saturday, April 04, 2009

Review : Veggie Patch Falafel from Costco

I'll admit to it, I'm a bonafide Costco addict. Yes, I do need 48 rolls of toilet paper!! And what about 2.2 pounds of falafel? Well, yes, I do too!

I've seen these, along side the Broccoli Bites, which seem like a health food disaster, but enough about that.

I tried out the falafels in a pita with homemade hummus and salsa (I know, I know, I like breaking the rules here!) and they were delicious. They freeze well and are not that bad, with 5 grams of protein for 4 chickpea balls, and are only 45 calories each. These can easily be reheated on the BBQ, microwave or oven. Just heat through and serve.

Traditional falafel are made with a combo of chickpeas and fava beans but these are solely made with chickpeas, so they are safe for those with fava bean allergies.


Tuco said...

My wife mentioned making falafels for dinner tonight... are the Costco ones vegan as well as vegetarian? (that's probably too much to ask though!)

Anonymous said...

Yes they are Tuco! I am Greek Orthodox, and our Lenten fast is a strict one--basically vegan, so I check these things out!! They are delicious. I made some tahini sauce (like the Israelis and other peoples of the Middle East eat it) from supermarket bought tahini paste, mixed with alot of lemon, a little water and some garlic, and stuffed the falafel in a pita pocket with sliced tomatoes and the tahini sauce. It was a really good vegan (or Lenten for me) meal! ;)