Thursday, April 16, 2009

Boston Pizza - Doing the Vegetarian Friendly Menu Right

A friend of mine asked me recently to write up a post on good vegetarian AND omnivore friendly restaurants. Being the restaurant eater that I am, I have to say that few mainstream eateries fit the bill with any real sincerity. In the worst offenders, I'd point the finger to The Keg. Sure, they'll all have the green salad, but having items on the menu that doesn't require a "please hold the bacon" or "what's the broth made of?" is nice.

Boston Pizza does a brilliant job at doing just that. About 25% of the menu is vegetarian and offers even vegan options (cheese less veggie pizza, anyone?). The little icons next to the dish designates vegetarian meals. There's even in a section devoted to vegetarian pizzas. Imagine my bliss, no questions to ask the waiter, and no need to let your omnivore friends that you've got dietary restrictions.

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