Friday, March 13, 2009

My thoughts on l'Expo Manger Sante 2009

I showed up 15 minutes before the doors opened and it was a long line to get to the tickets counter. 30 minutes later, I entered the exhibit hall, which had at least over 75 exhibitors, ranging from health food makers, activists for vegetarianism and veganism and shillers of various types for their magical & mystical water filters, breathing techniques and colon cleanings/detox formulas.

I really liked the Organic and Fair Trade Cotton stand from FibrEthik. I bought a t-shirt from them. I also bought a wonderful loose herbal tea mix called Caliente from Bruja. I got Green Beaver After Ski balm - my cuticles love it. The Abenakis mill was present, and I bought a bag of pancake and waffle 5 grain mix. I'll be trying it tomorrow. We'll see how it stacks up against Bob's Red Mill.

The show was a great way to meet the makers and owners behind these small businesses, and encouraging them with feedback.

Most retailers offered deep discounts on their products. You can stand to save anywhere between 10 and 85% off the regular retail price on almost all the products sold on the premise.

Loads of ready to consume samples were to be had. I was quite happy to be able to taste the Hemp Milk I was eying at the health food store. I will be staying away from that stuff - it's too "green" for me. Even the super sweet and chocolate flavored ones.

I got the following items as take at home trials and gifts:

-A voucher for a free full size Commensal Three Bean Mexican Chili or Bolognese Style Pasta sauce - this is worth the price of entrance ($10)
-Seventh Generation laundry detergent and dish washing soap sample
-Druide Certified Organic Frequence Shampoo and Baby Cleansing Gel
-Late July whole grain dark chocolate sandwich cookie & Vanilla Bean and Green Tea sandwich cookie
-The new chocolate chip granola bar from Nature's Path and reusable bag (Awesome!)
-Rachelle-Bery was handing out little packs of organic trail mix that included goji berries
-Nature Exotics Persian Pomegranate Garden granola bar
-Taste of Nature's Brazillian Nut Fiesta bar
-Sunbutter Natural Sunflower seed spread

So final verdict. It's very much worth the trip.

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