Monday, February 16, 2009

Lima Bean and Red Kidney Bean Vegetarian Chili

There's really nothing easier to whip up in cold weather than a good old vegetarian chili. Any type of canned beans will do the trick. This time around I had canned lima beans and small red kidney beans. I also used for the very first time dry textured vegetable protein (TVP), from Bob's Red Mill.

I will admit it up front, I totally cheated for seasonings... I used a packet of of Old El Paso's seasoning mix and 1 jalapeno pepper in adobo sauce for flavor.

I used:

-798 ml can of whole tomatoes that I blended with a hand blender
-700 ml strained tomatoes
-398 ml of tomato sauce
-1/2 can of tomato paste
-1 cup dry textured vegetable protein with 7/8 of a cup of boiling hot faux beef stock (mixed together and left to absorb for 10 minutes on the counter while I was prepping the other cans)
-1 can of drained and rinced lima bean
- 1 cup of frozen corn
-1 can of drained and rinced red kidney beans
-1 jalapeno pepper in adobo sauce chopped finely
-1 packet of Old El Paso's chili seasonings

I combined all the ingredients in a large dutch oven and brought contents to a boil while stirring constantly. I lowered the heat and left to simmer while occasionally stirring for about an hour. Make sure it doesn't stick or boil over. As with any chili recipe, this freezes very well and can be kept for months in the freezer.

I served it with Charras tortillas. Delicious.

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