Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vegan brunch @ Aux Vivres

What a day! Despite the bitter cold (-22 celcius), I headed out to the Montreal Plateau for a bit of shopping in the morning - a quick stop over to the Lush store on St-Denis. On my way back, I went to pick up some mock "meats" at the Paradis Vegetarien Chi-Ming. They've been opened for a year now and have an extensive selection of products from mock shrimp, mock eel, mock duck and even plain seitan, which I will be reviewing on this blog as I try them out.

I stopped by Aux Vivres for their brunch. I had the "Complet" which includes scrambled tofu, tempeh bacon, spicy corn bread, a side salad with carrots, beets and a dill dressing. All of it was delicious and so satisfying. Again, Aux Vivres impresses.

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Anne said...

i'm down for a vegan meal anytime, anywhere, but if i had my choice, i'd be eating brunch foods all the time. now i really want to go whip up some cornbread.