Monday, November 24, 2008

Restaurant Malhi - Cuisine Indienne

Indian restaurants are generally safe havens for vegetarians who want to dine out but don't feel like asking the 20 questions to the waiter to make sure what they are ordering is really vegetarian. Tonight was one of these nights.

This restaurant was highly recommended by my hair dresser, who swore up and down that this Indian restaurant on Jarry and L'Acadie was the "bomb".

On our way back from visiting the condo - inspecting the progress for our big move this weekend - we decided to go for some hearty Indian food. For some reason, as we turned onto Jarry, my brain referenced this memory and we headed west to find this place.

You can't miss it. It's got the mandatory large signage and copious newspaper clippings on the windows. Inside, you have some wonderfully kitsch velvet paintings, holiday lights and hand woven art hanging on the walls. To add to the mood, two flat screen tvs were pumping friendly pop Bollywood music .

I ordered myself a limca pop, and shared a Chana Samosa with my beau. I then had the Vegetarian Thali - with eggplant. It was served with chana masala, raita, salad and naan. The eggplant curry was indeed, absolutely amazing. The chana also lived up to my expections, with surprisingly tender and savory chickpeas. I finished off my meal with a chai masala with milk.

The whole meal for two with drinks, 2 thalis and 2 tea came up to an economical $32 including tax and tip. I recommend this place. One of the better Indian eateries on the island.

Malhi Sweets
880, Jarry West (Crossing Wiseman)
Montreal (Qc) H3N 1G9
(514) 273-0407

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