Saturday, November 22, 2008

Accidents happen, unfortunately.

As a vegetarian, dining out can be a real challenge. Waiters and chefs have assumptions on what is "meat" and feel they need to decide for you if you are being difficult or legitimate.

I had been to Elixor in Laval a few times in the past and had a great time. The food was plentiful and fresh and the desert menu was decadent. They opened a new one on Des Sources, in Dollars-Des-Ormeaux. We were served by a very young and eager waiter. He gave us great service. I picked the edamame in a Szechuan sauce and the vegetable quesadilla for my dinner. I explicitly mentioned that I didn't eat meat. He asked me if it was for allergies or if I was a vegetarian. I should have figured something was up with the question. He reassured me that he would ask the chef if my selection was meat free.

Anyways, he came back from the kitchen, told me the only meat element in my meal was the eggs in the mayonnaise. No sweat, I'm an Ovo-Lacto vegetarian. The edamame was served and was delicious. I even joked, it taste so good it probably has meat. The joke was less funny when I found a piece of pork in the sauce. I felt awful. I didn't make a scene, but I mentionned to the waiter that I was sure - i.e. piece of meat - that the sauce had meat.

He got flustered and said he forgot to mention that there was fish in the sauce.... Accidents happen, I know. This one sucked particularly hard. I guess the lesson of the story here is:

-Eat at vegetarian restaurants
-Don't trust your waiter
-Tell them it's allergies

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