Friday, October 10, 2008

Tofurkey Located and Acquired!

Thank goodness it's Friday! Today was a great food day. It started well with a soy latte and lactose free pumpkin muffin, then for lunch some Commensal veg food and then for dinner a nice salad and some home made sweet potato and blackbean empanadas.

After work, my beau and I headed to the Ecollegey store - an organic food store - in NDG to find the coveted Tofurkey. They did not have it but directed us to a health food store called Fleur Sauvage on 5561 Monkland between Marcil and Old Orchard. This is where we found it for $10.99. I was surprised to have found it after only going to two places... I was expecting a full on hunt for two days to all the health food stores around the island of Montreal before I could locate one.

Either there are fewer veg heads on the island of Montreal than I thought or they are far more resourceful and don't go for this premade stuff.

In any case, I've found some great recipes in my Moosewood Celebrates cookbook, and am thinking of complementing my Monday Thanksgiving meal with roasted squash, a mushroom file pastry and some cracked wheat breadrolls... Delicious!

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