Sunday, October 05, 2008

Taking the plunge - one day at a time

This has been a long time coming... I've been toying with the idea for a while now, as this blog reflects, my desire to become more of a herbivore. I'm keeping dairy, eggs and fish in my diet for now as I need to get into the habit of reaching for the legumes and nuts for sustenance.

I'd like to get fish out of my diet too sooner than later (making today the last time), but I'm not the only person being weened off this - I have my beau that's being supporting of my decision. I've been 6 days without meat (other than the salmon tonight - yes, I know, eating fish does not make me a vegetarian - that's why I'm deliberately not calling myself by any label yet).

I'm not doing this because dead flesh revolts me or I think cow's milk belongs to baby cows. No, none of that. Yes, I'm deeply troubled with factory farming and the cost of producing meat is depleting our world's resources at an alarming speed. The way we produce, handle, prepare and consume food needs to be revised completely - look at the listeriosis outbreak we've had in Canada these past months. I'd like to think that organic and environmentally produced livestock can be sustainable - but that doesn't justify a twice daily consumption of meat either!

My motivation comes from my health - hence the support from my significant other. Hormonally pumped chickens, pork and cows have made me sick and it's time to stop the damage and start reclaiming my health one day at a time.

I've been thumbing through my vegetarian cookbooks, reading through my veg cooking class handouts to get me back on track. I've stocked up on ready made seitan, tofu, tempeh and an assortment of beans and lentils. I have an already well stocked pantry of grains - counting rice, quinoa & barley in the party.

It's time for change. I can feel it.

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