Thursday, October 09, 2008

Status report on the vegetarian project

I'm at the end of week two on my vegetarian project. This week was a challenging double whammy of difficulty. I travel every other week to another city for my work. The location of the office is right in the middle of a strange industrial/housing area and the choice of dining are Tim Hortons, Subways, a Thai restaurant and a shoddy looking Mediterranean food place.

I ended up eating at the Thai restaurant - great vegetarian selection of dishes - and had the green curry with white rice. But they served me a 'vegetable' soup which I had two spoonfuls. I stopped, realizing it was some kind of beef or chicken broth. I asked the waitress if it had a meat broth to which she responded 'no, it's chicken'. I pushed back the bowl and thanked her, asking her to take it away. Chicken IS meat but I digress.

The next day I had lunch at a Boston Pizza and had the Popeye pizza. Smothered in so much cheese, I could have eaten half a pack of bacon and it would have been the same cholesterol intake.

So my learnings this week are:

-Some people think chicken doesn't qualify as meat
-Fish apparently isn't meat
-Vegetarian for a regular restaurant means anything slathered with cheese and doesn't contain chicken or beef.

If I want to eat healthy and vegetarian, I'm going to have to pack some canned meals since I don't have a fridge with me to keep perishables.

Now the big dreadful challenge... Canadian Thanksgiving....

The family wants a bird. I will have to oblige but I want to get my own tofurkey and eat it.
I've got some great cookbooks though. I'm sure I'll manage!

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