Monday, October 27, 2008

My first month as a vegetarian

It's been one month since I've decided to cut meat out of my diet for health reasons. I haven't craved meat at all. It's been pretty easy for me to eat a plant based diet. I still have eggs and dairy in my diet, but it has to be organic to cross my lips - when I can control the origin.

My beau is extremely supportive and had even told me that I need to cut out butter which is laden in cow hormones from food not to exacerbate my condition. That made me smile.

I read labels all the time and I'm astounded at the quantity of processed foods that contain some kind of meat product. Chicken broth, lard, pork, fish, etc. It's challenging, but then I have trusted brands I turn to when I need some grub to go like Commensal or Amy's frozen lunches. I wish we had the selection available in the states in Montreal for Amy's products.. They are amazing!

Of course, I've been cooking a lot more and have been saving and eating my leftovers, being a lot less wasteful. And I have a renewed admiration for Vegans. This is a tough world to live in when animal products are pervasive through our food and other consumables.

Praise Seitan!

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