Thursday, October 16, 2008

Eat your cereal!

I forgot just how good breakfast cereals were. I think this happened when I was weaned off frosted flakes and couldn't palate any of that cardboardish less sugary alternatives. Eventually, I stopped eating cereal for breakfast all together.

I would still eat on occasion granola with yogurt, which is absolutely delicious. Especially with sliced strawberries or bananas or both.

I jumped back onto the cereal with milk (soy) bandwagon this week. I tried the Kashi Mountain Medley with yogurt and the dried fruit got stuck in my teeth - not nice. I thought the cereal was a miss - but I tried it with soy milk. WOW! I let the cereal steep in the milk for 5 minutes while I make my morning cup of coffee, and then eat it.

I like the So Nice Original soy milk for my cereal and just every day drinking. I actually prefer using the vanilla version when I make rice pudding.

Happy morning!

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