Friday, October 17, 2008

Book review: Vegan a Go Go by Sarah Kramer

I cannot lie, I've been a fan of Sarah Kramer since the day I discovered How It All Vegan. I subsequently bought all the books from her and haven't regretted any of them. This one is my favorite by far.

Starting by it's fun front cover and very small size - I carry it in my purse where ever I go, the book is fun without being preachy. Sarah tells us of her touching story of her travels and offers advice on how to be safe. Being a frequent traveler myself, I can relate to her experience and her advice.

The recipes in this book are an assembly fan subsmissions shared with her along with a couple of her own. She stays true to her promise of keeping the recipes simple enough that you can do them with items found in any convenience store, right about anywhere in North-America and Europe.

I had guests over and made for them the Mushroom Pate. They loved it so much and could not believe it did not contain any meat. They called me a week later, while I was visiting the museum to get the recipe from me. Thanks to the book's tiny size... I actually had it with me and could deliver the instructions over my cell phone.

Thanks Sarah for another great cookbook.

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Sarah's Blog said...

I'm thrilled to read that you are enjoying the new book. :)