Friday, April 13, 2007

It's sugar shack time!

Living in Quebec gives me access to sweet traditional French Canadian fare like an outing at the sugar shack. I had the good fortune of going Easter weekend in the lower St-Laurent region while visiting my dear aunt.

Set in a quaint barn, with an old wood burning stove and quite a few antique stoves, still being used to prepare the food. It was defenetly good eats... Albeit absolutely unhealthy in every sense of the word.

The menu consisted of baked beans smothered in maple syrup, poached eggs in syrup (simply bring to boil syrup, and gently drop the egg yolk and white into the mixture.. divine), cured ham, "patate bernard" (potatoes cooked in porc lard... equally tasty), grand-pere à l'érable (dumplings cooked in boiling maple syrup) and pancakes.. Thank goodness for snowshoeing in the mountains!

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