Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Brown bagging salad for lunch? Yes!

There's this hot new little take out place near my office called Laitue & Go. It's a salad bar where salads are made on the fly and they charge a pretty penny for the service. It's worth it to eat healthy and fresh, but paying 10$ every day for lunch can add up quickly. After eating there a couple of days, and judiciously saving my plastic "salad bowls", I decided to make my own "take out salads" and save myself 40$ a week.

It's really simple. Just buy the prewashed lettuce mixes. I love Earthbound farm's organic spring mix, the 1 lbs box will make me 5 salads. Fill your bowl with enough to cover the bottom. Throw in a couple of cleaned cherry tomatoes (sliced tomatoes would make your salad soggy -not good.), some shredded carrots, a few slices of cucumber, some radish, hummus, sun dried tomatoes, nuts, etc. Make sure you keep the wet parts out of the salad up until you are ready to eat it. This means I will carry seperatly hummus, feta cheese, salad dressing, salsa, tuna, salmon and beans. Combine your dressing with your salad along with the wet parts just before eating and enjoy!

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