Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Making tofu palatable...

So we've all heard it. Tofu doesn't taste like anything, or is gross, its chewy, etc. However, there is a way to make tofu edible and even, dare I say palatable. Something I like to do with extra firm tofu (not silken!), is to pan fry it.

So here's the jist of it. You'll need:

-1 block of extra firm tofu
-Roasted sesame oil

Slice the tofu lenght wise to make 4 thin large rectagles. On a large plate, place a clean tea towel and arrange the tofu to be in one single layer. Fold the tea towel over the tofu and place a second plate along with a few cans of food to create weight. Leave to press out the water from the tofu for about 10 minutes. This allows the tofu to be less chewy and retain more flavor.

After ten minutes, remove the tofu from the tea towels. Heat up about 2 tablespoons of roasted sesame oil at medium heat in a skillet and arrange two slices of tofu. Cook until golden brown, then flip on other side. Wait until golden brown. Repeat oil step and fry remaining tofu.

You can then slice these into strips and make a sandwich with them. Works great in a wrap with mustard, mayonaise or soyanaise, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts and a sliced pickle. Or you can add in the fried tofu in the last minutes of any vegetable noodle stir fry.


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