Sunday, February 25, 2007

Vegan Mayonnaise Substitute

Vegan cooking implies the use of no eggs, dairy, honey, or meat (obviously). This can sometimes make traditional recipes difficult to make, like cakes which uses eggs for leavening. Thankfully there is a Soy substitute frequently called "Soyanaise" or "Nayonaise". It normally costs an arm and leg in the health food stores but here's a nice alternative that won't break the bank and can be used in your recipes requiring mayo either for sandwiches, salads or even desserts.

-1 block of silken tofu (the firmer, the better and NOT the regular tofu.. please!)
-60ml of water
-60ml sunflower or corn oil
-60ml lemon juice
-1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar.

Blend in food processor until smooth. Store in jars in the fridge. Can keep for up to two weeks.

1 comment:

rose said...

Even if i'am not a vegan, this recipe is more than welcome in my cookbook. I always feel bad about eating regular mayonnaise.